Project Synopsis

Provide a conceptual process design with alternatives evaluation to improve production at a natural gas condensate processing facility.

Project Summary


The client, a petroleum products distributor, operates a natural gas condensate processing plant for the recovery of a naphtha product stream.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client to evaluate options to improve their current operations and to allow for more flexibility in handling variable feed compositions.  Specifically, the client was interested in alternatives to increase throughput, increase recovery, and to provide a more consistent product stream.

In support of this effort PROCESS developed simulation models for two operating schemes using CHEMCAD process simulation software.  For each alternative, consideration was given to the use of existing assets in conjunction with new unit operations.

Using the simulation model, a product yield for each case was determined and new equipment sizes were estimated.  The results were then summarized in a block flow diagram and a screening level capital cost estimate was developed.

Industry Type

  • Gas Processing

Utilized Skills

  • Process debottlenecking
  • Conceptual process design

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