Project Synopsis

Lead the process design package development effort for the finishing section of a Gas-Phase Polyethylene Plant.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was subcontracted by an international full-service engineering firm to lead and assist development of part of an Extended Process Design Package covering the finishing section for a Gas-Phase Polyethylene Plant.  Granular polyethylene produced in the polymerization section of the plant is processed in the finishing section to produce fully-formulated polyethylene products by (1) classifying the product to remove oversize material, (2) incorporating solid and liquid additives (stabilizers, antioxidants, surface property agents, etc.), (3) converting the product to pelleted form in an extruder, and (4) blending the product and delivering it to the final packaging facilities.

As part of this effort, PROCESS led and assisted the engineering company personnel as they prepared the following deliverables for the Gas-Phase Polyethylene process finishing area:

  • Equipment Datasheets – Define the performance requirements for the major equipment items and package equipment systems. Equipment specified included the following: mechanical screeners, solid additive unloaders, product and additive bins, pulse-jet dust collectors, loss-in-weight feeders, liquid additive drums and pumps, pellet dryers, pellet water systems, dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems (air compressors, rotary valves, diverter valves, etc.), product blending silos, elutriators, and polymer / wastewater retention basin.
  • PFDs – Show all of the major equipment items and package equipment systems at a high level, plus the major piping and principal process controls that interconnect them
  • P&IDs – Define the details of all the piping, instruments, and minor equipment items that interconnect the major equipment items and package equipment systems
  • Input to the Project Instrument Database – Define the performance requirements for the in-line instruments and valves that are outside the scope of the package equipment systems
  • Relief Device Specifications – Define the sizes and sizing basis for the relief devices that are outside the scope of the package equipment systems
  • Equipment List and Line List – Summarize for quick reference the information found on the Equipment Datasheets and P&IDs
  • Process Description – Used in combination with the PFDs to gain a high-level understanding of the process
  • Design, Operating, Safety and Health Considerations, and Design Guidance Documents – Explain the key points that must be considered during the subsequent detailed design and initial operating phases of the project.

Industry Type

  • Olefin / Petrochemicals / Polymer Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Polymer finishing plant design
  • Process design package development

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