Project Synopsis

Plan and lead an EPC company detail engineering team in the development of a process design package for a new polypropylene production plant.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was subcontracted by a major multi-discipline engineering company to lead development of Process Design Packages (PDPs) for two UNIPOL™ Gas-Phase Polypropylene Plants.  The PDPs covered all Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) facilities through the production of polypropylene in its final, pelleted form. Major areas included:

  • Raw material purification
  • Reaction
  • Product purging and vent recovery
  • Additives addition
  • Pelleting / pelletizing.

The technology licensor and ultimate client (a world-wide chemical manufacturer) provided a reference PDP and all major equipment sizing information.  PDP development by the client included incorporation of technology improvements and customization for final client site conditions and requirements.  As part of this effort, PROCESS developed the execution plan and budget for the project, tracked progress versus that plan and budget, and led client personnel as they prepared the following final deliverables for the PDPs:

  • PFDs – Showing all of the major equipment items and package equipment systems at a high level, plus the major piping and principal process controls that interconnect them.
  • Process Description – Used in combination with the PFDs to gain a high-level understanding of the process.
  • P&IDs – Defining the details of all the piping, instruments, and minor equipment items that interconnect the major equipment items and package equipment systems.
  • Line Lists – Defining the piping size and specifications for all process and utility lines found on the P&IDs, along with their temperature and pressure limits, tracing and insulation requirements, etc.
  • Equipment Datasheets and Lists – Defining the performance requirements for the major and minor equipment items and package equipment systems.
  • Control Systems Engineering Datasheets – Defining the performance requirements for all instruments and valves that are outside the scope of the package equipment systems.
  • Process Logic Diagrams and Descriptions – Defining the process control logic and operating sequences for the plant.
  • Supplemental Design Information – Including example heat and material balance information, valve and piping specifications, special instrument requirements, and typical equipment arrangement drawings and mechanical details.  Also included summaries of raw material and utility usage requirements, environmental impact information, equipment and piping cleaning requirements, etc.
  • Design, Operating, Safety and Health Considerations, and Design Guidance Documents – Explaining the key points that must be considered during the subsequent detailed design and initial operating phases of the project.

The client also prepared Process Orientation Training packages for use by the ultimate client and their product customers.

Industry Type

  • Polymer Plant Design

Utilized Skills

  • Process design package development
  • EPC contractor process engineering support

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