Project Synopsis

Evaluate the pressure relief and flare systems, as well as assess any process safety concerns at a pipeline pump station.

Project Summary


The client, a regional project coordination company, was asked by the ultimate client, a pipeline operating company, to provide an assessment of the relief systems and process safety compliance for a pipeline Pump Station in Texas.  Specifically, there were questions regarding the adequacy of the current relief systems and future modifications being considered also needed to be evaluated.  Prior to addressing these issues, it was agreed that a higher level review of the overall compliance to process safety practices was needed.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was asked to perform these evaluations and completed the following tasks in support of this effort.  The portion of the assessment covering the relief system addressed the following issues:

  • The location of the discharge of existing and future process relief valves relative to the current maintenance blowdown system
  • The location of the discharge of the relief valve on a Flare Knockout Drum relative to the configuration of the current maintenance blowdown system
  • The use of the current maintenance blowdown system as a safety relief system as it pertains to the first two items above
  • The current operating pressure versus the design pressure and relief valve set points of a specific filter system and associated piping.

The portion of the assessment covering the process safety topics was limited to the following issues that were initiated by pump station management:

  • Updating the pump station P&IDs
  • Perform a process hazard analyses (PHAs) of the pump station.

PROCESS provided the results and recommendations from the assessment tasks above in a written letter report.  This information was submitted to the client to facilitate their decision process.  PROCESS also submitted a letter identifying the process safety findings and provided estimated costs for the corrective tasks that PROCESS was qualified to perform.

Industry Type

  • Pipeline Operations

Utilized Skills

  • Pressure relief valve (PRV) and flare system evaluation
  • Process safety assessment

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