Project Synopsis

Perform plant walkdowns of an existing tempered water system and subsequently develop 'As-Built' P&IDs for the process.

Project Summary


The client, a world-wide nutraceuticals production company, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to provide a qualified engineering technician or engineer to walk down and generate Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) for an existing Tempered Water System (TWS).  The TWS provided a mixture of propylene glycol and water to several jacketed process vessels. The primary purpose of this project was to develop accurate ‘As Built’ P&IDs for the TWS.

The following tasks were required to complete the project:

  • On-site TWS walk down, which involved an engineer from PROCESS traveling to the client’s production facility to walk down the equipment, piping, and instrumentation systems associated with the TWS.  PROCESS used a combination of field notes and sketches to document the ‘As-Built’ current configuration of the process.
  • P&IDs preparation, which involved utilizing the information gathered and generated during the previous project task in the preparation of new P&IDs for the TWS.  The P&IDs depicted the primary unit operations, major process and utility streams, and primary instrumentation and controls.  The P&IDs were prepared using AutoCAD software.

Final ‘As-Built’ P&IDs were delivered to the client and a final teleconference call was conducted to explain the deliverables and close out the project.

Industry Type

  • Nutraceuticals Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Plant P&ID 'As-Built' drawing development

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