Project Synopsis

Evaluate various process options and the suitability of an out-of-service plant, for the production of USP food-grade glycerin.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, an energy development company, to support process development efforts for a United States Pharmacopeia (USP) glycerin production facility.  The client was considering various technologies and evaluating their use within an existing decommissioned plant.  Specifically, PROCESS completed the following tasks:

  • Performed a site visit, in support of the due diligence process, to assess the usability of existing assets for the production of purified food grade glycerin (glycerol).
  • Evaluated five crude glycerine refining systems and provided opinions as to the benefits and disadvantages of each system.
  • Developed process schematics and performed initial sizing estimates based on known operating conditions to provide an initial screen of existing equipment suitable for re-use.   Preliminary mass and energy balances were completed using PROCESS’ licensed simulation software.
  • Assisted in the determination of the minimum data necessary to be generated from further bench scale studies.

Industry Type

  • Food Additive Production
  • Alternative Fuels Co-Products.

Utilized Skills

  • Plant site evaluation due diligence support
  • Refining system alternatives screening
  • Process assessment support for investment company.

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