Project Synopsis

Provide process engineering technical support and staff augmentation to a ground water remediation efforts at the Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site.

Project Summary

Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by a federal engineering company contractor to provide engineering support in a staff augmentation role to the ultimate client, and engineering & remediation Company.  PROCESS personnel served as the Design Authority within an Operations and Engineering Support group for the Ground Water Remediation efforts at the Hanford, Washington site.

Specific services provided included:

  • Preparation of an alternatives calculation to evaluate the use of various concentrations of Caustic at the  100-KX Pump &Treat facility. Equipment specifications and a rough order of magnitude cost estimate were prepared to support this effort.
  • Preparation of a preliminary engineering evaluation of check valve alternatives for the 100-DX and HX Pump and Treat Facilities. This involved a comparative multi-parameter evaluation of various check valve types and configurations.
  • Preparation of a B31.3 evaluation of pressure switches at the 100-KR Pump & Treat Facility. The system was designed and functioned to contain the highest plausible (dead head) pressure.
  • Preparation of a Field Test/Report, which evaluated the pH stability of the 100-DX Pump & Treat Facility. This effort included the installation of a pH probe and data logger downstream of the effluent tank and the collected data was compared with pH instrumentation within the process building.
  • Design of an additional booster pump installation and a redundant caustic delivery system for the 100-DX Pump & Treat Facility.
  • Completion of the following engineering evaluations:
    • Accuracy, precision, reproducibility and quality associated with instrumentation and reagents for hexavalent chromium analysis
    • Maximum flow achievable using Split-Train IX Configuration at 100-DX, HX and KX Pump & Treat Facilities – flux, service flow rate, pressure drop, pH dependence of chromium reduction reaction, flow rate control and monitoring were all successfully accounted for
    • Options for mitigating scale formation in process piping at the 100 Area Pump & Treat Facilities.

Industry Type

Radioactive Waste Storage and Treatment


Utilized Skills

  • Process alternatives evaluations
  • Process design
  • Technical staff augmentation.

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