Project Synopsis

Perform an independent process engineering assessment of a newly purchased hazardous waste treatment processing facility in Mexico and make recommendations on a host of improvements to bring the facility up to the standards of the new US company ownership.

Project Summary

Process Engineering International, LLC (PROCESS) was subcontracted by another engineering company to perform work for the ultimate client, a hazardous waste treatment company with headquarters in the US. PROCESS performed an independent site assessment study for a newly purchased facility in Mexico.  The goal of the project was to review site operations, assess the current status of the plant’s processes, and recommend how best to transition the facility from a low-budget, local processing facility into a world-class hazardous waste treatment facility.

The plant consisted of multiple operations pieced together from used equipment to treat hazardous waste. PROCESS reviewed all of the facility’s operations while concentrating on three main areas; incineration, distillation, and wastewater treatment.

A two-day site visit was conducted by PROCESS.  While on site, a tour of the entire facility took place and site personnel were interviewed.  Multiple opportunities for improvement were identified and documented.

After the site visit was completed, discussions took place with the ultimate client’s senior management to better understand their strategic position.  These discussions helped PROCESS to focus on action items that would result in the outcome consistent with the corporate philosophies for the facility.  A report was prepared that presented observations from the site visit and included specific recommendations on how to improve the site’s design and operations.  The observations and subsequent recommendations were segregated by operating area in the facility (incineration, distillation, wastewater treatment, etc.) and an overall phased execution approach was presented to the ultimate client.  Ultimately, PROCESS was contracted to implement process design improvements at the site.

Industry Type

Hazardous Waste Processing


Utilized Skills

  • Process evaluation
  • Process improvements identification
  • Process improvements execution planning.

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