Project Synopsis

Evaluate, rate, and recommend changes for all heat exchangers within a unit of an existing chemical production facility as part of a unit revamp project.

Project Summary


The client, the corporate engineering group of a major chemicals manufacturer, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to evaluate heat exchangers located within an existing unit as part of an overall unit revamp.   PROCESS was asked to assess the exchangers and rate them in sufficient detail to determine their adequacy for the new service.   PROCESS completed the following tasks in support of this effort:

  • Approximately 46 shell and tube, plate and frame, and air cooled fin fan exchangers were evaluated using HTRI heat exchanger rating software.  The exchanger services included heating, cooling, heat recovery, vaporization, and condensation as well as thermosyphon and kettle reboilers.
  • The exchangers were rated to determine overdesign at the inlet and outlet design conditions.  Inlet design conditions were also used to estimate expected outlet temperatures assuming full utilization of heat transfer capabilities. Where possible, maximum process flow rates were estimated based on operating requirements.
  • Operating parameters (e.g. velocities, pressure drop, tube vibration, etc.) were assessed with regard to general design criteria.
  • Where necessary, recommendations to improve exchanger performance were given.

For each exchanger, a summary report was prepared outlining findings of the evaluation along with rating outputs and calculation results.  The reports were then submitted to the client to facilitate their design efforts.

Industry Type

  • Chemicals Production

Utilized Skills

  • Heat exchanger evaluation and improvement

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