Project Synopsis

Provide a process design review, certification, and improvement recommendations for a HF/HNO3 acids transfer system.

Project Summary


The client, a small full-service engineering firm, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to perform a process design review and certification of a hydrofluoric and nitric (HF/HNO3) acids transfer system, designed by the client for the ultimate client, a multi-national commodities and chemical manufacturer.  Using: (1) a detailed P&ID, (2) an equipment list, and (3) a process narrative, all supplied by the client, PROCESS executed a process design review.

PROCESS delivered to the client: (1) the P&ID, conditionally certified and (2) a certification conditions letter, stating to the client the aspects of the system design that were certified as well as aspects that could not be certified by PROCESS (as a purely process engineering and design company).  The letter further detailed several process design observations and design change recommendations that could improve the design and operability of the system.

Industry Type

  • Chemicals Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Multi-discipline engineering firm process support
  • Process design review

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