Project Synopsis

Perform a hydraulics evaluation, solicit flare vendor bids, and make recommendations regarding an existing flare system at a pipeline station.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was retained by the client, a regional engineering company, who were asked by the ultimate client, a pipeline operating company, to evaluate the hydraulic capacity of an existing flare stack for a pipeline terminal in Texas.  The client also requested a list of requirements to bring the existing flare into compliance with client standards, a cost estimate for upgrading the existing flare, and vendor cost estimates for a new flare.

To determine the hydraulic capacity of the existing flare, PROCESS calculated pressure drops and exit Mach numbers for possible relief scenarios. PROCESS then compared these to the allowable pressure drop and recommended Mach numbers for similar flare systems.  Calculations showed that the existing flare stack was too small.

PROCESS recommended a new flare stack and submitted flare specification data sheets to vendors with requests for cost estimates.  PROCESS reviewed the vendor quotations for compliance with the client’s flare standards and with the industry standards API 521 “Pressure-Relieving and Depressuring Systems” and API 537 “Flare Details for General Refinery and Petrochemicals Service”.

In a written report submitted to the client, PROCESS summarized the calculation results, compared vendor quotations, and made recommendations.

Industry Type

  • Gas Pipeline Operations

Utilized Skills

  • Flare systems evaluation
  • Equipment vendor bid evaluation

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