Project Synopsis

Provide process engineering and CAD technician services to generate ‘as-built’ drawings for a new compressed hydrogen gas storage and truck loading system.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a distributor of compressed hydrogen gas, to update a set of drawings for a new cryogenic hydrogen storage and truck loading system.  The system is located adjacent to a chemical plant that produces excess hydrogen gas which is purchased by the client. The system was comprised of a cryogenic storage tank, vaporizer, compressor, and associated instrumentation needed for quality analysis and loading of hydrogen into tube trailers.  The drawings required updating to “as-built” status in preparation for a pre-startup safety review.  The following actions were taken to complete the project:

  • Traveled to the plant site to perform a walkdown of the installed items and mark up of the existing drawings
  • Converted the relevant portions of electronic versions of the client’s existing drawings into AutoCAD format to facilitate generation of the new drawings
  • Used AutoCAD to generate revised P&IDs of the system.

A large amount of time was spent reworking the client’s drawings into a proper P&ID format because the existing drawings were either mechanical drawings or schematics that did not show pipe sizes, etc.  In addition, the configuration of the cryogenic tank had been changed during installation and was not accurately depicted on the client’s schematic.

Industry Type

  • Specialty Gas Production and Distribution

Utilized Skills

  • Update engineering documentation

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