Project Synopsis

Evaluate, troubleshoot, and design remedies for a hydrogenator with excessive foaming issues at a hydrogen peroxide plant.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was subcontracted by an international process engineering company to provide process engineering support to troubleshoot foaming issues in a fixed bed hydrogenator for the ultimate client, a Canadian hydrogen peroxide production facility.

PROCESS prepared the Process Evaluation Basis Development which involved the development of the baseline information that governed subsequent process analysis tasks.

PROCESS then executed technical evaluations of the hydrogenation processing systems in regards to reducing foaming and increasing throughput.  For each area, PROCESS identified probable and possible causes of the problems and defined one or more (if applicable) potential solutions for each area.

PROCESS also developed a simulation model for determining the flow regime of the reactor under current and past operating conditions as a tool for determining the possible origin of the current foaming condition.

A report was issued which provided hydrogenation technical evaluations and recommendations for the process and applicable facility subsystems.

In addition, PROCESS also performed the following items:

  • Developed PID’s for implementation of process options for possible solutions to the foaming issue
  • Provided budgetary cost estimates for the installation of options and probability of success of the technologies
  • Participated in a HAZOP of the process options that will be implemented during a scheduled outage.

Industry Type

  • Inorganic Chemicals Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Process troubleshooting
  • Process evaluation and improvement

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