Project Synopsis

Provide on-site training to refining clients in the techniques for formally investigating a significant plant safety incident.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) has performed an Incident Investigation training course to multiple refining clients.  The course consisted of training the refining personnel in the aspects of performing incident investigations to better comply with the incident investigation portion of the OSHA PSM regulation 1910.119.

PROCESS trained a group of refinery personnel in the facets of safety incidents and the formal investigation process that follows a significant incident.  Specifically, root cause failure analysis was taught as the formal investigation philosophy.  The root cause(s), as well as contributing factors, are determined by organizing the facts from the incident into a table format.  Then recommendations are assigned to alleviate this incident from occurring again in the future.

PROCESS then provided each trainee with a certificate of completion for the Incident Investigation course.

Industry Type

  • Petroleum refining

Utilized Skills

  • Industrial safety training
  • Process safety incident investigation