Project Synopsis

Provide remote and on-site troubleshooting assistance to improve the operation performance of a newly constructed waste water treatment plant at a specialty metal manufacturing facility.

Project Summary


The client owns and operates a batch specialty metal manufacturing facility and had previously contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to execute a complete process design for an eight (8) fold expansion of a specialty metal production process.  This process design included systems for both water recycle and distribution, and wastewater treatment.  Once these systems were installed and started up, the client began experiencing problems with the capacity of it’s water and wastewater treatment systems.  PROCESS was then contracted to:

  • Attend an on-site operational review meeting
  • Review systems final designs versus the process designs PROCESS had originally provided
  • Compare the operating practices of the systems versus the operating practices for which the system designs called for
  • Make recommendations for operational improvements, and ultimately for design improvements as needed.

PROCESS found that the original process designs had been modified during detail design to an extent that would explain most of the operational difficulties that were being experienced.  In addition, it was found that actual operation of the systems was inconsistent with the current designs.  In the end, PROCESS was able to recommend both operational and design improvements that would greatly improve systems performance as well as several systems upgrade ideas based on actual operating (rather than projected) hydraulic and compositional information.

Industry Type

  • Specialty Metals Production

Utilized Skills

  • Waste water plant design
  • Waste water plant troubleshooting