Project Synopsis

Process design of a new plant wastewater treatment system designed to meet specific discharge permit standards.

Project Summary


The client owns and operates a batch chemical production facility.  Due to increased production activity, the current plant waste water treatment system had become inadequate in terms of throughput capacity and scope of treatment unit operations.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client to execute a process design of a new system designed to meet the discharge standards prescribed in the client’s industrial waste water discharge permit.  During an initial site visit, PROCESS concluded that significant sampling of the facility effluent streams would be required to set the waste water treatment system process design basis.  With this scope added, the entire project included the following tasks:

  • Performance of an initial facility evaluation to establish a clear understanding of the production processes and to ascertain the level of sampling required to determine the chemical constituents and their concentrations in the various effluent streams that would impact design of the treatment system
  • Development of a comprehensive wastewater sampling and analysis plan to generate representative physical and chemical data in order to establish the process design basis
  • Management and assistance associated with execution of the sampling and analysis plan
  • Development of process and regulatory design bases governing design of the system
  • Preparation of a system process design
  • Preparation of vendor bid packages and review of vendor bids
  • Execution of a technical and economic evaluation of the proposed wastewater treatment systems

PROCESS summarized the results of the project in a report issued to the client.  Included in the report was PROCESS’ recommendation as to the best system for the client’s application.  The recommended system included primary unit operations of equalization, pH adjustment, flocculation, dissolved air flotation, solids filtration, and aerobic treatment.

Industry Type

  • Batch Chemical Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Wastewater sampling and analysis plan
  • Sampling and analysis management
  • Wastewater treatment technologies evaluation
  • Chemical plant wastewater treatment system design
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

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