Project Synopsis

Prepare a technical summary presentation of two feasible options for processing small scale stranded natural gas - Syncrude and liquefied petroleum gas production.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, an international process design and engineering company, to put together a presentation based on a previous feasibility study performed by PROCESS for the ultimate client, a provider of products and services to the oil and gas industries. The presentation was to include information for two different types of gas plants that could produce value added products from small stranded gas fields: (1) a small scale gas-to-liquids plant based on Fischer-Tropsch technology to produce a Syncrude product, and (2) a small scale liquefied petroleum gas plant based on licensed membrane technology.  The client wished to use this presentation when meeting with potential investors and operating company partners.

The tasks involved in the project included:

  • Preparation of the necessary slide information for assembly in a draft version into a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation
  • Incorporation of any changes requested by the ultimate client into a final presentation suitable for presenting to its clients in Nigeria.

Information in the presentation included basic background and definitions of both types of plants, presentation of a “base case” and optional design cases, equipment requirements, plant capacity, physical plant size, cost, etc.

Industry Type

  • Natural Gas Processing Industry

Utilized Skills

  • Specialty gas plant evaluation
  • Stranded gas utilization
  • GTL process design

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