Project Synopsis

Perform a process troubleshooting and evaluation study of a lab scale process that was producing undesirable properties in a polymeric plasticizer product.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a manufacturer of polymeric plasticizers, to troubleshoot the manufacture of a polyester plasticizer that was exhibiting poor heat stability in testing of material produced in laboratory experiments.  Although the exact nature of this problem was not specified, it was apparent that it was most signified by high color and/or high viscosity in the polyester product at very high temperatures (over 600o C in the client’s tests).  A thorough review of the manufacturing process was conducted, and the following tasks were accomplished:

  • Performed a literature review of industrial processes used to produce similar products
  • Performed a process review of the client’s lab procedure
  • Recommended changes in the manufacturing technique that would eliminate or better control the causes of the poor heat stability.

PROCESS supplied the client with a letter report that summarized the results of the study and included recommended modifications to manufacturing techniques.

Industry Type

  • Polymer Additive Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Lab scale process troubleshooting
  • Process evaluation

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