Project Synopsis

Perform a due diligence evaluation of a novel patented process to store energy (electricity) via a liquid air on behalf of a power utility company.

Project Summary


The client, a large electric power producer, had been approached by a technology provider of a novel energy storage system using liquid air.  The client contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to perform a due diligence project of the technology provider’s design and was assigned the following project responsibilities:

  • Calculate the energy potential (power) of expanding the liquefied air, which in turn, is used to condense other working fluids, which are also expanded to provide energy
  • Suggested improvements to increase power output based on the simulation results and theoretical considerations
  • Documented results and explanatory papers through the project and submitted a final report on the findings to the client.

PROCESS used its licensed commercial process simulation software’s (CHEMCAD’s) thermophysical package models for predicting chemical and physical property data for working fluids for use in the expanders and used actual data for the thermodynamic properties of the working fluids, regressing actual enthalpy information into CHEMCAD.

The results indicated that previous information the client received missed an important factor in the original design that significantly reduced the work output. This study prevented significant wasted effort and pointed to potential improvements that could potentially lead to an effective energy cycle based on the metacritical cycle.

Industry Type

  • Large Scale Commercial Electric Utilities

Utilized Skills

  • Process due diligence investigation
  • Process simulation

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