Project Synopsis

Provide process engineering support for the design of a pilot-scale nuclear waste processing test unit.

Project Summary


The client, a major engineering and construction firm, was contracted by the Department of Energy (DOE) Oak Ridge Environmental Management (OREM) to provide Architect/Engineer services for the Sludge Processing Facility Buildouts Project, which will ultimately mobilize, treat, and ship transuranic wastes from the Melton Valley Storage Tanks at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).  A part of the project involved the design, manufacture, construction, and installation of a Sludge Test Area near the ORNL campus to demonstrate sludge mobilization and treatment technologies and unit operations.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was subcontracted to provide process support to complement the process design work to facilitate construction of the Sludge Test Area.  Project tasks included:

  • Development of a performance specification for the Sludge Mobilization System (SLMS) used to suspend the tank sludge in preparation for transport
  • Development of a performance specification for the hose transfer lines used to transport sludge simulate
  • Development of a performance specification for the in-tank video system used to monitor the success of sludge mobilization
  • Development of equipment datasheets for selected laboratory equipment including: rheometer, densitometer, and turbidimeter
  • Development of equipment datasheets for selected support equipment including supernate storage tank and supernate transfer pump
  • Development of an equipment list
  • Performed several calculations to support the previous deliverables including: a simulant usage calculation, a calculation that determined sludge and supernate liquid density and viscosity, preliminary heat tracing loads, and a preliminary hydraulic calculation.

All deliverables were prepared to client QA procedures and presented to and defended in design reviews with the client and DOE OREM personnel.

Industry Type

  • Nuclear Waste Management

Utilized Skills

  • Pilot-plant performance specifications
  • Nuclear waste treatment systems process design

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