Project Synopsis

Provide an independent engineering design review and assessment for the design of a new commercial scale lithium manufacturing facility.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a lithium technology and production company, to perform a third party evaluation of the FEL-3 level engineering design, executed by previous contractors of the client, for the client’s proposed lithium production plant to be located in the Western U.S.  In particular, PROCESS reviewed the methodology and data used by the client and its previous contractors for the scale up from the pilot/demonstration plant to the FEL-3 level design of the commercial plant.

To validate the FEL-3 design basis, PROCESS reviewed relevant engineering documents, the ASPEN process simulation model, and the Experimental Orders and Key Learnings report to identify relevant data.  In addition, PROCESS visited and reviewed the pilot plant facilities.  Finally, PROCESS interviewed key client team members and the various contractors who had performed the FEL-3 design.

To validate the scale-up methodology, PROCESS reviewed the assumptions, system design basis, ASPEN model, and equipment design for consistency with the pilot data.  In addition, PROCESS also reviewed the equipment design and selection for consistency with good engineering scale-up practices.

Finally, PROCESS reviewed the client’s processes and procedures and issued an audit report of its findings.


Industry Type

  • Minerals and Metals Processing

Utilized Skills

  • Independent process design review