Project Synopsis

Evaluate an existing process equipment cleaning operation to determine what changes may be needed to adequately capture potentially harmful fugitive emissions.

Project Summary


The client, a specialty cleaning chemicals and equipment manufacturer, requested assistance from Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) in the evaluation of an exhaust system for an existing rinse tank on a salt bath system at their client’s chemical manufacturing facility.  PROCESS reviewed the existing system operation and defined the estimated peak flow of steam from the rinse tank and the static pressure requirement needed to effectively capture and transport the steam being generated during the dipping operation to and through the existing (or new) scrubber system.

PROCESS performed first-principals heat-transfer calculations to determine the amount of plume steam produced when finished metal from an acid bath was quenched in a “dunker” tank.  The steam plume contains hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) and must be handled with all due diligence.  The purpose of the calculation was to determine additional work required by the client to design an air-tight dunker shroud and accompanying fume exhaust system.  Results from PROCESS‘ calculations indicated the need for additional vessel isolation and an upgraded exhaust system.  This work was to be performed by the client; PROCESS was retained by the client as a consultant for continuing and on-going equipment testing.

Industry Type

  • Process Equipment Cleaning

Utilized Skills

  • Emissions estimation
  • Emissions capture and mitigation

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