Project Synopsis

Perform an independent 3rd party technical evaluation of a new electrolytic process technology used to purify metals.

Project Summary

Process Engineering International, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by a US based metals purification technology provider to perform an independent, third party technical review of a new technology that uses electrolytic processes to purify metals.

The overall process consisted of three sections: upstream operations, downstream operations, and the core technology. The upstream operations prepare the feedstock for the core technology while the downstream operations purify the produced metal compounds. The core technology contains the main intellectual property (IP) and was the primary focus of this review.

PROCESS performed the following tasks to evaluate the technology:

• Reviewed and critiqued the process design information provided by the technology provider to check the legitimacy of the process
• Reviewed chemical reactions used in the technology to determine if they were proven, well documented reactions
• Performed a site visit to discuss operations with the technology provider’s personnel and to witness the pilot-plant while operating and producing product
• Developed a risk matrix that ranked perceived technology risks.

PROCESS executed this work as a “fast track” project and ultimately prepared and submitted a formal report suitable for presentation to potential investors within three weeks of the initial inquiry by the client. The formal report summarized the project approach, the information reviewed, findings, and presented perceived process risks, as well as recommendations to minimize such risks.

Industry Type

Metals Refining


Utilized Skills

  • Independent process engineering technical evaluation
  • Process technical risk assessment
  • Investor due diligence support.

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