Project Synopsis

Provide turnaround support to a methanol production facility.

Project Summary

The client operates a commercial methanol production facility located in the southwest U.S.  The facility uses natural gas as the feedstock with steam which is subsequently reacted over a series of three reformers, yielding a syngas (CO, CO2, and H2 mixture).  This syngas is subsequently compressed to a high pressure prior to entering the methanol converters, where the CO, CO2, and H2 react over a catalyst to form a crude methanol product.  The crude methanol is refined by use of three distillation columns prior to being pumped off-site for sea transport.

Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was tasked with providing on-site support during the last few weeks of the facility’s first major turnaround. The specific support tasks included the following:

  • Attended daily process engineering, operations, and management meetings to discuss and prioritize turnaround workload/scope
  • Worked alongside site process engineers and assisted with evaluating environmental flare emissions (MMBTU values) during the projected plant startup
  • Reviewed and provided updates to the methanol converter catalyst reduction procedure and isolation log
  • Supported catalyst reduction activity for the steam methane reformer (SMR), pre-reformer, and the methanol converter reactors
  • Collected data and built temperature profile trends in support of writing catalyst reduction shift logs
  • Worked with the instrument team to support installation of gas chromatograph and H2 analyzers in preparation for catalyst reductions
  • Provided support training/guidance and leadership to site engineers and operators as it relates to the catalyst reduction process for the pre-reformer and methanol converter catalyst bed reactors
  • Supported operations with plant startup, as required.


Industry Type

Chemicals Manufacturing


Utilized Skills

  • Turnaround and startup support
  • Plant operations support
  • Plant staff technical training.


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