Project Synopsis

Perform a site inspection and report on the condition of used process equipment.

Project Summary


A Foreign-based client owns two custom milling machines planned for use in nickel mining that have been in remote storage for approximately ten years.  Process Engineering International, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to visit the storage facility and to evaluate the current condition of the equipment from an independent process engineering point of view.

A Chief Process Engineer from PROCESS traveled to the storage facility and inspected the equipment which included the milling equipment body and frame assemblies which were stored outdoors and the peripheral equipment such as motors, control panels, and similar components which were stored indoors.  Personnel at the storage facility were interviewed and photographs were obtained.

An independent report of findings was generated as the deliverable. The report contained photographs that were representative of the condition of the equipment as well as unbiased process engineering impressions of the equipment condition.

Industry Type

  • Mining and metals ore processing

Utilized Skills

  • Process equipment inspection

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