Project Synopsis

Update process design information for an MSW carbonizer process, including vendor equipment information, based recent pilot-plant trial results.

Project Summary

The client, a long-time patron of Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS), is developing a project to carbonize municipal solid waste (MSW) at an existing landfill in the US. The basis of the technology is an externally heated carbonizer based on a design developed by the client. The client has built and demonstrated a pilot unit to process landfill bound MSW. The unit has operated batch-wise for several years in development during which time it has processed multiple batches of representative MSW feed.

The primary objective of this work was to update previously completed work documents such as the Design Basis, Heat and Material Balances for various load ranges, and a set of Process Flow Diagrams corresponding to an updated equipment configuration. Process information generated and documented in these initial tasks were then used to update previously completed specifications for multiple long lead time equipment items (hot cyclones, flare, gas boiler, and baghouse).

The equipment specifications were used to solicit equipment proposals from several suppliers. Bid tabs were prepared to assess adherence to the various specifications and to compare quotes from multiple suppliers. These were submitted and discussed with the client.

Industry Type

Waste Conversion Operations


Utilized Skills

  • Pilot-plant data interpretation and use
  • Process design
  • Process equipment specification validation.

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