Project Synopsis

Capacity evaluation of critical batch reactor rupture disk systems in a photographic specialty chemicals manufacturing plant.

Project Summary


The client, an owner/operator of batch specialty chemical manufacturing facilities, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to execute a capacity evaluation of four critical batch reactor rupture disk systems in a photographic specialty chemicals manufacturing plant.  Initially, PROCESS compiled a list of required process data and engineering information required to execute the evaluations.  Next, PROCESS considered potential pressure relief scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Blocked flow at different steps in the batch manufacturing process
  • External fire
  • Power failure
  • Loss of cooling water
  • Valve failing open
  • Misdirected flow
  • Gas blowby

PROCESS then calculated relief requirements and rupture disk system capacities for all credible pressure relief scenarios.  PROCESS’ commercial computer process simulation software was used to model the rupture disk systems, including all associated vent piping, for the purpose of calculating the system capacities.  These models were also used to calculate recommended replacement rupture disk and piping sizes as required.  Finally, the simulation software was used to generate needed physical and chemical properties of the relieving streams.

The results for each rupture disk system were summarized in letter reports to the client which included the evaluation basis information, results, recommendations as required, and backup information in the forms of computer program outputs and manual calculations.

The client has expressed the desire to contract PROCESS for evaluation all remaining plant pressure relief systems in the very near future. 

Industry Type

  • Batch Specialty Chemical

Utilized Skills

  • Identify overpressure scenarios
  • Pressure relief device (PRD) design/sizing
  • Computer process simulation

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