Project Synopsis

Evaluate a reactor, design an associated scrubber, ammonia stripper, and provide other engineering data and equipment specifications for a H2S removal system.

Project Summary


The client, a technology provider, develops processes for removing and managing sulfur and sodium for the oil refining and natural gas production industries.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was initially contracted by the client to evaluate the sizing of two sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) reactor contactor designs and design a scrubber to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from the vapor off of the reactors.

Project tasks included the following:

  • Modeling the two NaHS reactor contactors using PROCESS‘ licensed computer process simulation software, CHEMCAD.  PROCESS determined that the reactor size was too large based on the hydraulics and Koch Glitsch Tower software modeling results.  A smaller diameter for the reactors was recommended.
  • Developing an H2S scrubber model in CHEMCAD, sizing the scrubber using Koch Glitsch Tower software, and providing an equipment specification package detailing the scrubber design.
  • Developing a heat and material balance (HMB) of the process.

After successfully completing these tasks, the client hired PROCESS to complete several additional tasks, including:

  • Developing a HMB for a second NaHS reactor system and providing the client with a design and equipment specification package detailing the reactor design.
  • Designing a sour gas scrubber to scrub the vent gas from a NaHS storage tank as trucks are unloaded and providing an equipment specification package detailing the scrubber design.
  • Designing an ammonia stripper to remove ammonia from NaHS product.  The client requested several designs that would satisfy different scenarios.  PROCESS provided these designs to the client in a format that allowed the client to easily compare the designs and choose the best option.

PROCESS has provided the client with updated designs as the client’s design requirements, such as capacity, feed compositions, and temperature requirements, have changed.

Industry Type

  • Oil & Gas/Refining Technology Providers

Utilized Skills

  • Sodium hydrosulfide system design
  • Scrubber design
  • Reactor design
  • Stripper design

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