Project Synopsis

Perform design calculations to determine if an existing brine degasifier was large enough to accommodate additional loading from a maintenance blowdown system.

Project Summary


The client, a regional engineering company, was asked by the ultimate client, a natural gas (NG) pipeline operating company, to evaluate the potential of increasing the amount of material sent to an existing brine degasification system.  The client subsequently subcontracted the project to Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS).  The brine degasification system is operating at a pipeline terminal in the Western U.S.  More specifically, the ultimate client wanted to tie a maintenance blowdown system into the existing brine degasification system.

To determine if the capacity increase was acceptable, PROCESS performed the necessary calculations to determine a new worst-case scenario flow rate including the amount of additional material that would be flowing to the degasifier.  This new flow rate was compared to the original design documents which were supplied by the client. Design calculations were verified to determine the adequacy of the existing unit when the additional flows were added.  PROCESS also suggested a general piping scheme for tying in the new system in an effort to minimize backpressure on the existing system.

The results and recommendations from the tasks listed above were summarized in a written letter report to the client.

Industry Type

  • Natural Gas Pipeline

Utilized Skills

  • Equipment sizing verification
  • Process capacity evaluation

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