Project Synopsis

Provide a high-level survey of gas processing technologies with a specific focus on membrane systems.

Project Summary


The client, an international chemical manufacturing concern, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to perform a high-level survey of natural gas processing with an emphasis on membrane technology as it applies to the separation of gases.

PROCESS interfaced with the client, performed the survey, and produced a report for the client. During the course of the project, a process simulation was developed (utilizing commercial process simulation software) that depicted a typical gas processing system from wellhead gas to pipeline specifications. PROCESS’ in-house knowledge and experience with gas processing systems was brought to bear for this project.  In addition, various producers of amines and membranes, as well as some research labs and industry societies, were consulted for specific technical information germane to the survey.

The survey explained gas processing in general and covered:

  • Units such as dewpoint control, acid gas removal, gas dehydration, hydrate suppression, gas compression, and condensate stabilization
  • Alternatives in acid gas removal and dehydration such as amines (aMDEA, MEA, DEA and MDEA), membranes and molecular sieves (mol sieves)
  • Separation and recovery of H2S (hydrogen sulfide, sulfur) and CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • Advances and trends in the technology of membranes, especially glassy membranes versus rubbery membranes
  • Application of various methodologies and technologies to gas processing in large and small facilities and in remote, offshore, and accessible land installations
  • Alternatives in amines, including specialty amines for selective H2S removal such as sMDEA+ and Flexsorb.


Certain crucial issues were analyzed in greater depth, some of which included:

  • The use of rubbery membranes for dewpoint control
  • The reduction of CO2 to pipeline gas specification by a combination of membrane and mol sieve
  • The importance of CO2 reinjection.

Industry Type

  • Natural Gas Processing

Utilized Skills

  • Processing alternatives analysis

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