Project Synopsis

Perform a series of remote and on-site process engineering design and operations support tasks for a US chemical manufacturing facility.

Project Summary

The client, a chemical manufacturer, recently acquired a site in the northeast US that produces several products, primarily for the wastewater treatment industry, including ferric and ferrous chloride. The client would like to increase production of ferric and ferrous chloride to twice the previous years’ production. Also at the site, the client operates a tolling process that utilizes several flammable chemicals, which they would like to assess to determine what upgrades are necessary for safe storage of raw materials and operation of the process.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS), through a combination of on-site and off-site work, executed several process design and engineering tasks in support of the client’s objectives.

PROCESS recently completed an FEL-1 preliminary Process Design Package in support of the expansion of the ferric and ferrous chloride processes. The scope of this work included a heat and material balance for each process, a design basis, a debottlenecking review, an equipment list and utilities summary, and a production plan. PROCESS also provided technical evaluations surrounding the packed tower scrubber system in use at the site for the control of hydrochloric acid vapor, as well as the handling of powdered materials used in each process. Additionally, PROCESS provided an automation review for the implementation of high-level interlocks on process vessels and storage vessels.

PROCESS also completed an FEL-1 preliminary Process Design Package in support of the implementation of a cryogenic oxygen system for use in the ferric chloride processes. The scope of that work included a heat and material balance, design basis, P&IDs, and an equipment list and cost summary. This FEL-1 was requested following delivery of a technical evaluation by PROCESS on the current storage and use of 50% (w/w) hydrogen peroxide at the site.

Additionally, PROCESS completed a technical evaluation/risk assessment of the tolling process operated at the site, which included a review of storage of the flammable materials used in the process, as well as potential environmental and process safety concerns, and delivery of as-built P&IDs. As a result of this evaluation, PROCESS was requested to complete an FEL-0.5 conceptual Process Design Package in support of improvements for the storage methods and safety of the process. The scope of work included an electrical area classification drawing, a preliminary equipment list and costing estimate, and P&IDs and a conceptual General Arrangement (GA) drawing detailing the recommended changes to the process and raw materials storage.

Finally, PROCESS provided more than 5 months of continuous on-site daily plant and process engineering support. During this period, PROCESS assisted with numerous equipment and process troubleshooting exercises, completed a site-wide equipment and spares list, and assessed damage/degradation to process equipment and storage vessels and obtained quotes for repair and/or replacement. PROCESS also reviewed and red-lined site-wide P&IDs and worked with the client’s drafter to facilitate the creation of updated ‘as-built’ P&IDs.

Industry Type

Chemicals Manufacturing


Utilized Skills

  • Preliminary process design
  • Process evaluations
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Production facility process engineering support
  • Creating ‘as-built’ P&IDs.


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