Project Synopsis

Provide on-site chemical engineering support to an engineering firm with limited process engineering resources for a variety of different projects.

Project Summary

Engineering Firm On-Site Process Engineering Team Support

The client owns a multi-disciplined engineering design firm with limited process engineering capacity and capabilities.  The client contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to provide an on-site project engineer for several months to assist with process engineering needs in support of projects for multiple clients in the pharmaceutical, ethanol, batch specialty chemical, and petroleum mid-stream industries.  Specific tasks completed included:

  • Piping design and hydraulic analyses
  • Pressure relief valve (PRV) and pressure rupture disk (PRD) sizing
  • Orifice and control valve sizing
  • Hot oil system design
  • Compressor ethylene glycol system design
  • Equipment sizing and bid preparation for compressors, pumps, and heat exchangers
  • Equipment vendor bid evaluations
  • Existing equipment suitability evaluations.

After the assignment, the client continued to use the PROCESS project engineer for additional miscellaneous process engineering assignments that were completed in the Oak Ridge office.  Finally, additional projects were spun off from the on-site work and completed by other engineers in PROCESS‘ Oak Ridge, TN and Billings, MT offices.

Industry Type

  • Multi-Disciplined Engineering Subcontracting

Utilized Skills

  • Process engineering skills

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