Project Synopsis

Update an existing flare header simulation model to include new relief devices and then evaluate the adequacy of the flare header system at an independent petroleum refinery.  

Project Summary

The client, an independent oil refiner, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to update the facility’s flare header model to include the addition of new relief devices and evaluate flare loading scenarios for the Renewable Diesel Conversion (RDC) unit.

Previously, PROCESS had modeled the flare header system using its licensed commercial simulation software.  As part of this project, the first task involved updating the flare header system to include the new relief valves, discharge piping, and changes to the existing relief sub-headers as part of the RDC work. PROCESS used its licensed commercial simulation software to calculate the backpressure for the new relief valves and update the existing relief valves at the new relief loads.

PROCESS’ next task involved selecting several overpressure scenarios resulting in simultaneous relief valves discharging to the flare header system to determine the adequacy of the refinery flare header. A total of nineteen (19) new devices were evaluated at capacity, and seven (7) simultaneous relief scenarios (6 external pool fire cases, 1 total power failure) were evaluated for flare loading analysis.

Project deliverables that were submitted to the client consisted of:

  • Project design basis
  • New and existing relief valves backpressure at capacity
  • Updated summary of flare header relief scenarios including relief loads and calculated backpressure
  • Unit plot plans depicting fire circles
  • Recommendations to meet API-520/521 relief valve backpressure and header requirements.

Industry Type

Petroleum Refining  

Utilized Skills

  • Hydraulic piping system simulation
  • Relief valve sizing
  • Flare header evaluation.

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