Project Synopsis

Wastewater operations pH control system in support of a facilities upgrade.

Project Summary


The client contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to perform a detailed process design of a pH control system in support of a wastewater treatment facility upgrade for their batch chemical production plant.

The following process design tasks were completed:

  • Process design basis development
  • Process and control system design
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) preparation
  • Equipment/instrument duty specifications preparation
  • Capital cost estimate development.

Development of a process design basis involved primarily determining incoming wastewater chemical characterizations and flow rates, treated wastewater pH specifications, and mode of operation (i.e., batch versus continuous).  PROCESS then developed a conceptual design of the equipment and controls required for this application for approval by the client.  Detailed process design was then completed which included unit operations design/sizing, line sizing, and the development of instrumentation details.  This design was depicted in a system P&ID.  Duty specifications for the equipment and instrumentation were then prepared and qualified vendors contacted for the purpose of obtaining preliminary bids for the system.  A capital cost estimate for the system was then developed based on the vendor submittals.  All engineering documentation for this project was compiled in a project report that was submitted to the client for purchase of the equipment and instrumentation required for this application. 

Industry Type

  • Batch Chemical

Utilized Skills

  • Control system design
  • P&ID preparation
  • Equipment specification
  • Cost estimation

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