Project Synopsis

Provide process engineering services to evaluate an existing inadequate dust collection system and design a new system.

Project Summary


The client is a worldwide manufacturer of inks and pigments, with a plant in the central U.S. that manufactures powders for use as base materials for powder coating applications.  One line of the facility uses an existing dust collector and dust collection network to provide capture of combustible dusts generated during a manufacturing process.  The existing dust collector and dust collection network have not been providing adequate control of dusts in this processing area, so the client contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to design a new dust collection system.  The new dust collection system design would need to meet current NFPA guidelines for handling combustible dusts.

Specific tasks for this project included:

  • A site visit and field walkdown to examine the layout and equipment characteristics of the existing system, as well as generation of an As-Built Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) for the existing system
  • A technical evaluation of dust collection strategies for a new system, including dust collector types (wet or dry) and designs for dust collection hoods
  • Calculations of system flowrates, duct velocities, and pressure losses to identify acceptable duct parameters
  • Preparation of P&IDs showing the new dust collector and duct network (cartridge-type)
  • Preparation of specifications for the new dust collector as well as various instruments
  • Review of equipment layout and duct drawings generated by another engineering firm
  • Comments for equipment vendor submittals (dust collector, centrifugal fan, etc.).

As part of the design effort for this project, PROCESS worked with the client to ensure that the system design would be congruent with the latest NFPA guidelines for collection of combustible dusts.

Industry Type

  • Powder coating materials manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Dust collection system analysis
  • Dust collection system design

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