Project Synopsis

Perform an FEL-1 study and preliminary process design for relocating and/or replacing existing equipment associated with an aging pigment semi-finishing operation.

Project Summary

The client, a world-wide producer of pigments and chemicals, produces red pigments at one of their US manufacturing facilities.   Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client to perform an FEL-1 study and preliminary process design to relocate and/or replace equipment associated with the semi-finishing operations so that the process could be isolated to one specific area of the plant.  The existing complex that houses some of the semi-finishing processing equipment is old and part of it is planned for demolition.  The objective of the project was to develop a +/-50% cost estimate to relocate and/or replace equipment, reconfigure piping, install all new instrumentation, rewire all existing equipment and instrumentation, wire new equipment and instrumentation, install all new motors and a new MCC room, and install a new operator control room.

Project tasks included:

  • Development of a Basis of Estimate (BOE) document that defined all of the physical changes required to meet the goals of the project. This document specifically identified which items would need relocation and which items would need replacement.  In addition, for those items requiring replacement, sizing requirements were defined.
  • Preparation of a Block Flow Diagram (BFD) that depicted the overall process flow of the semi-finishing operations and all major equipment.
  • Preparation of an Equipment List showing both existing (retained), new, and relocated equipment, with sizing and materials of construction information.
  • Red-lining the existing P&IDs to show proposed modifications to equipment, piping, and instrumentation.
  • Preparation of a Piping List that provided a preliminary summary of new piping required to relocate existing or install new equipment with the consideration of areas of the facility that would be demolished.
  • Preparation of a preliminary motor list to define MCC requirements.
  • Preparation of preliminary General Arrangement (GA) drawings that depicted in plan-view the new configuration of the process and that included preliminary pipe routings for new/relocated piping.
  • Generation of a budget-level total installed cost estimate using Aspen ICARUS to engineer, procure, and install the modifications.

The estimate was used to provide additional clarity and documentation around a preliminary order-of-magnitude estimate generated by the client in-house and is currently being used to support decisions on how to proceed with the project.

Industry Type

Dyes and Pigment Manufacturing


Utilized Skills

  • Existing equipment evaluation for re-use
  • Process layout
  • Preliminary process design
  • Preliminary factored CAPEX development.


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