Project Synopsis

Provide a process feasibility evaluation of a used equipment batch reactor for the production of potassium phosphite (K3PO3), and provide additional engineering process design support.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a specialty organic chemical production concern, to develop a preliminary evaluation of, and process design for, proposed modifications to a batch reactor for the production of potassium phosphite (K3PO3).  The primary purpose of this evaluation was to establish process feasibility and provide a basis for subsequent mechanical design modifications.

PROCESS performed the following tasks in support of this effort:

  • Based on information provided by the client, PROCESS developed a process simulation model of the proposed reactor modifications using its licensed commercial computer process simulation software, CHEMCAD
  • Developed a process flow diagram (PFD) with mass and energy balance (MEB) stream tables based on the CHEMCAD model calculations
  • Analyzed the suitability for this application of a Pfaudler reactor that the client was considering buying on the used equipment market
  • Recommended heating and cooling technology options for the reactor modifications based on the simulation model results
  • Recommended a batch control scheme for the reactor
  • Performed pressure relief valve (PRV) calculations for the modified reactor process.

PROCESS then summarized the evaluation and design results and recommendations in a report submitted to the client.

Industry Type

  • Batch chemicals manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Reactor process modeling
  • Batch chemicals process engineering support

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