Project Synopsis

Provide process simulation expertise to an EPC firm to help solve a non-convergent power generation cooling loop model.

Project Summary


The client is an engineering company with an ultimate client base in the power industry.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to assist the client with a CHEMCAD process simulation (that the engineering company could not get to work properly) of a cooling water system for the ultimate client.

Project tasks included the following:

  • Adding rigorous pressure drop techniques in the simulation for the cooling loop heat exchangers (utilizing CC-THERM)
  • Developing a data map to input/extract data between Excel and CHEMCAD
  • Developing a technique to force the flow to the process coolers in a way to match the required cooling and that would produce a hydraulic balance for the system.


PROCESS provided the client with an operating, converging process simulation for the client to use with its specific ultimate client. PROCESS also sent documentation instructing the client on how to converge the model under differing simulation scenarios.

Industry Type

  • EPC Company
  • Power Industry

Utilized Skills

  • Process simulation skills
  • EPC firm support