Project Synopsis

Cost savings project to develop a mass and energy balance of a recycle system on an SO2 scrubbing unit that would return expensive unreacted di-basic acid additive to the system.

Project Summary


A power plant owns and operates a gas cleaning system that includes an SO2SO2 scrubbing system.  The scrubbing system uses lime slurry. The power plant wanted to augment the lime slurry system by adding di-basic acid (DBA), a costly chemical additive, which had been demonstrated to increase the SO2SO2 removal efficiency of the system.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, a major architectural and engineering firm, to develop a mass and energy balance of a recycle system that would return unreacted and unbound DBA to the SO2SO2 scrubbing system.

PROCESS performed an exhaustive literature search in order to determine the partitioning of the DBA into reacted, bound, and recyclable fractions.  A mass and energy balance was then performed over the recycle system for the purpose of defining the system water balance as well as DBA recycle potential.  The client used the mass and energy balance data to evaluate the economic potential of the DBA recycle system.

Industry Type

  • Power Generation

Utilized Skills

  • Technical literature search
  • Mass and energy balances