Project Synopsis

Provide process evaluation services in an effort to improve a centrifuge unit operation used in the production of a high performance specialty chemical.

Project Summary


The client contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to perform an evaluation of a new centrifuge operation for its facility that manufactures high performance chemicals.   The process evaluation focused on identifying specific physical and operational modifications that could be made to the centrifuge system to improve its ability to maintain a more consistent product quality while minimizing operator input.

PROCESS spent time on-site at the facility gathering process information and observing the operation of the centrifuge.  This data was analyzed and used to generate a report that contained the following:

  • A characterization summary of all existing products that are run through the centrifuge.  The products were classified based on known physical properties and how they behaved when processed through the centrifuge.  A key physical property that the company was capturing and reporting incorrectly was identified, and a detailed method to obtain a more accurate property value was provided.
  • A detailed technical evaluation of several process related hardware and system automation variables was conducted.  This analysis resulted in several recommendations that were organized in such a way to as to provide for a structured approach for implementation.  The centrifuge recommendations covered changes in the feed stream, internal hardware, system process control, and also additional ancillary process changes.

Industry Type

  • Specialty Chemicals

Utilized Skills

  • Process evaluation
  • Process improvement

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