Project Synopsis

Prepare a detailed process design package (FEL-3) of a scaled-up semi-conductor related production plant to be built in Taiwan based on data and information from two existing production facilities in the US .

Project Summary

Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contacted by the client, a world-wide producer of advanced materials for the electronics industry, to execute a detailed process design (FEL-3) of a scaled-up version of two existing production facilities in the US for installation of a new facility in Taiwan.  The design of the new larger batch chemical facility also incorporated key improvements to the process from lessons learned by the client operating the existing facilities.  PROCESS’ role for the project was to develop the detailed process design documents to be issued to a US based modular system fabricators and an overseas detailed design firm for completion of subsequent phases of the project.  Areas of design included both ISBL and OSBL systems that consisted of the following:

  • One silane-based proprietary purification process
  • One organometallic based purification process
  • One metal chloride-based synthesis/purification process
  • One amine-based synthesis/purification process
  • Ultra-pure water (UPW) system
  • Syltherm temperature control units (TCU)
  • Wastewater treatment system
  • Compressed air, nitrogen, argon, helium, and ammonia storage and distribution systems.

Specific tasks included the following:

  • Process Design Basis preparation that summarized the range of products to be manufactured, physical property data, process and operating constraints etc. as needed for equipment, instrument, and piping design.
  • Heat and material balance (HMB) generation and process flow diagram (PFD)/ Block Flow Diagram (BFD) preparation for all systems to Issue for Design (IFD) level
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) preparation to IFD level which included updating existing detailed process control descriptions and interlock matrices to reflect process improvements
  • Equipment sizing and duty specifications preparation for all major process equipment
  • Equipment/Instrument/Line Lists preparation, which involved tabulating information from the IFD P&IDs as well as summarizing equipment and instrument duty specifications
  • Electrical Load list
  • Preliminary pressure relief device (PRD) sizing and specifications preparation
  • Emissions and effluent estimates for all processes as well as a regulatory assessment that involved completion of the client’s in-house forms
  • Ventilation system summary that provided the basis of design and preliminary sizing for vent lines from all process equipment and hoods.

Industry Type

Semiconductor Manufacturing  

Utilized Skills

  • Detailed process design
  • Process scale up design
  • Process improvement design
  • International project support.

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