Project Synopsis

Project Summary


The client, an international engineering company, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to execute preliminary design work leading to the replacement of an incorrectly designed reactor circulation pump and piping system that was located in an Asian manufacturing facility. This work was in support of a specialty chemical company, the ultimate client, that has international manufacturing plants.

PROCESS developed isometric drawings based on photographs and field notes.  The drawings were submitted to the ultimate client’s on-site engineers for field verification.  After field verification was complete, PROCESS developed a hydraulics model using its licensed commercial computer process simulation software, CHEMCAD, to provide initial line sizing and to verify system hydraulics.  The data helped to better define the project scope for the ultimate client so that a detail design firm could provide the final piping and foundational designs for the system.

The modifications were ultimately installed and the client reports that it has dramatically improved their product quality and also reduced their overall batch cycle times.

Industry Type

  • Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing
  • International Engineering Projects

Utilized Skills

  • System hydraulics design
  • Reactor related systems design

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