Project Synopsis

Execute small capital projects at an edible oil manufacturing plant.

Project Summary


The client, an edible oil manufacturing facility in the U.S., contracted with Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to provide process engineering services in the design, documentation, and execution of capital projects.  There were two specific capital projects: (1) RX 1 and 2 Filter Replacement and (2) Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Upgrades.

RX 1 and 2 Filter Replacement Project – Involved the replacement of a single horizontal filter with two new vertical filters.  Project elements included:

  • Marked up existing P&IDs to reflect the additional tie-in of RX 3 to the system as well as changes identified during preparation of the process controls description.
  • Modified the existing standard operating procedure (SOP) to reflect the operation of the new filters.
  • Generated a process control description for the new filter operation.
  • Sized new pressure safety valves (PSVs).  Each filter required 2 new PSVs – one for the vessel and one for the jacket.  They were identical for both filters.


WWTP Upgrades Project – Involved the installation of a previously-purchased oil/water separator to replace the existing coalescer.  Project elements included:

  • Generated a new mass and energy balance (MEB) and process flow diagram (PFD).  The client provided overall mass balance data (no constituent data) around the existing coalescer.  No data existed around the other units in the process; however, the client provided the vendor specifications for the entire system.  This information was used to the extent feasible to generate a preliminary mass & energy balance / process flow diagram (MEB/PFD) for the process.    Actual constituent concentration data were required to generate a final MEB/PFD for the process (not included in this scope of work).
  • Developed a design basis for the project.
  • Field-checked existing, but not complete P&IDs.  Some additional time was required by PROCESS to field check the drawings around the coalescer to make sure tie-in points were correct.   Developed new P&IDs for the separator and tie in points.
  • Corrected labeling issues on P&IDs upstream of the waste water system.
  • Recommended process changes including equalization tanks and pumping sequences to avoid overwhelming the capacity of the purchased equipment.
  • Developed a tie in package including photographs of lines feeding the waste water system and identified line origin with labels on the photographs for contractor reference.
  • Developed new P&IDs for the temporary coalescer used during installation of the new unit.
  • Developed equipment specifications for pumps, instruments, and control valves.

Industry Type

  • Hydrogenated Oil Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Plant on-site capital project execution

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