Project Synopsis

Provide a process design for a hydrogen sulfide scrubber on a refinery sour gas stream.

Project Summary


The client, a refinery and petrochemical services provider, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to develop a process design for a sour fuel gas scrubber to be installed at one of its customer’s refineries.  The scrubber system was designed to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) using caustic (NaOH) to generate treated fuel gas and sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) product streams.

PROCESS was provided with a range of feed gas conditions as well as scrubber performance requirements as the design basis.  The system was then modeled by PROCESS to determine the conditions necessary for operation within these constraints.  The model results were then used to develop mass and energy balances and equipment requirements for the system.

PROCESS completed the following tasks in support of this effort:

  • Developed mass and energy balances (M&EBs) for three (3) operating cases using PROCESS‘ licensed computer process simulation software, CHEMCAD
  • Provided preliminary packing selections and scrubber sizing calculations
  • Developed process level datasheets and equipment sketches for the scrubber vessel, heat exchangers, and pumps
  • Provided safety relief valve sizing calculations.

Industry Type

  • Refining Services Industry

Utilized Skills

  • Packed scrubbing tower design
  • Specifying equipment

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