Project Synopsis

Provide debottlenecking process engineering services in support of on-going refinery optimization planning efforts and develop FEL-1 level preliminary process design information for identified improvements.

Project Summary

Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by an independent regional petroleum refinery to provide debottlenecking process engineering services in support of on-going refinery optimization planning efforts.  Specifically, PROCESS was tasked with the evaluation of certain operating scenarios for the following units:

  • Naphtha Hydrotreater
  • Naphtha Splitter
  • Isomerization
  • Reformer
  • Mid Distillate Hydrotreater.

As a first phase, the capacity of primary equipment items was screened in terms of installed capacity, capacity increases requiring minor modification, and capacities requiring major unit revamp.   Results from this evaluation were used by the client to revise and refine their global scenario.  Some of the items evaluated included Hydrotreater, Hydrodesufurization, reactor, fired heater, stripper, Stabilizer, Splitter, bulk bag unloader, Penex, etc.

In the next phase, after client optimization, individual units were evaluated at the desired capacity, anticipated feed composition, and required product specification.  During this stage, alternate unit configurations (Revamp scenarios) were explored along with opportunities for improved heat integration, equipment re-purposing, and modifications beneficial at both current and future processing rates.   In addition, preliminary CAPEX cost estimates were developed for modifications required to realize incremental capacity gains.

This above work resulted in the following FEL-1 project deliverables:

  • Process simulations for each unit
  • Heat and Material Balances summarizing both product and utility requirements
  • Equipment List, including a summary of existing equipment item capacity, modifications required to achieve desired capacity, and estimate costs for modification or new equipment installation
  • Process Flow Diagrams outlining the recommended process configuration and related modifications.

Industry Type

Petroleum Refining


Utilized Skills

  • Equipment capacity screening evaluation
  • Process debottlenecking
  • Refining revamp scenario identification
  • FEL-1 preliminary process design.

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