Project Synopsis

Perform an evaluation of a refinery's existing wastewater effluent system's hydraulics to determine throughput capacity and make debottlenecking recommendations.

Project Summary


The client operates an independent petroleum refinery in Montana. The client hired Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to conduct an evaluation of the existing wastewater effluent system hydraulics to determine throughput capacity and current limitations.  PROCESS developed a hydraulic model of the system using its licensed commercial process simulation software and tuned the model to plant data collected by PROCESS along with operating personnel. PROCESS then provided the client with debottleneck options to improve the carrying capacity within the existing pump station limitations.  The client implemented the recommended modifications and commissioned PROCESS to follow up by comparing the new plant data with the hydraulic model.  PROCESS provided the final comparison in a project report highlighting a 71% increase in system capacity realized with only low-cost improvements required for the system.

This project was on a tight execution schedule in order to meet immediate wastewater treatment needs. PROCESS was able to meet all schedule milestones. The deliverables resulting from this project, including preliminary process flow diagrams (PFDs) for the recommended modifications, hydraulic system curve from the hydraulic model, and comparison of model to plant data, were compiled in a project report submitted to the client.

Industry Type

  • Industrial Wastewater

Utilized Skills

  • Process engineering
  • Process modeling
  • Debottlenecking

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