Project Synopsis

Perform regulatory compliance audits at multiple petroleum refineries to comply with OSHA Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals and EPA Risk Management Program regulations.

Project Summary


Typical Project Description

On numerous occasions, Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) has provided engineers experienced in process safety and risk management who performed regulatory compliance audits for the clients.  The compliance audits evaluated the process safety and risk management procedures, practices, and programs in place at the clients’ facilities to help the clients satisfy the regulatory requirements of OSHA’s Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals regulation (29 CFR 1910.119) and the prevention program 3 requirements of EPA’s Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions of the Risk Management Program regulation (40 CFR 68).  The auditors assessed each plant’s safety management programs to help them identify improvements that should assist in meeting the compliance requirements of the above-mentioned regulations.  The auditors chose representative samples of documentation, interviews, and field verifications, which is consistent with the approach described in OSHA’s compliance directive (CPL 2-2.45A) for the PSM regulation, to adequately analyze all covered processes in the facilities and to provide an accurate “snapshot” of the management systems and implementation efforts associated with process safety and risk management.  PROCESS documented the results of the audits, including any findings, and suggested recommendations to address the findings.  The recommendations were intended to provide the client with specific guidance that should, when fully implemented, result in improved regulatory compliance.

Industry Type

  • Petroleum Refining

Utilized Skills

  • Process safety auditing
  • Process Safety Management program administration
  • Risk Management Plan program administration
  • Regulatory requirement knowledge

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