Project Synopsis

Scrubber system design, process simulation and air permitting assistance.

Project Summary


The client owns and operates a batch specialty chemical production facility.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to provide design services for a production building ventilation system and offgas scrubbing system.  Project tasks included the following:

  • Preparation of a process and regulatory design basis, including vent streams physical and chemical characterizations and scrubbing system performance requirements
  • Development of computer process simulation models using licensed commercial process simulation
  • Process control system design
  • Preparation of a process flow and control diagram (PFCD) depicting primary unit operations, detailed mass and energy balance information, system piping and ducting, and primary process controls and monitoring points required for control and operation of the proposed scrubber system
  • Preparation of equipment duty specifications for the designed vent system major unit operations (induced draft fan, scrubber tower, and liquor recirculation pumps)
  • Assistance to the client in the development of information required for scrubber system air permitting.

The process design package was submitted to the client and formed the basis for detail design, detailed equipment specifications, capital cost estimation, and system procurement.

Industry Type

  • Batch Specialty Chemical

Utilized Skills

  • Process Engineering
  • Air permitting
  • Equipment specification
  • Basic Engineering Package (BEP)