Project Synopsis

Heat transfer study to determine NaOH and NaHS storage tank heating requirements in advance of purchasing a package boiler unit.

Project Summary


The client had purchased a terminal facility and wanted to retrofit it for storing raw materials and products for its sodium hydrosulfide manufacturing and transport operations.  Part of this retrofit involved the determination of heating requirements for storage of 50% NaOH and 45% sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS).  To this end, Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client to execute heat transfer calculations designed to determine the heating requirements for three (3) storage tanks (two NaOH tanks and one NaHS tank).  The client used the results of these calculations to specify and purchase a packaged boiler unit for production of the required heating steam.

Initially, PROCESS developed the design basis based on conversations with the client.  This information included detailed tank specifications (sizes, materials, wall thicknesses, expected liquid volumes), heating system performance requirements, and baseline ambient conditions (ambient temperature, wind speed).  PROCESS then utilized the design basis information, along with physical and thermodynamic properties of the NaOH and NaHS, as input to a proprietary in-house computer heat transfer model to determine tank heat losses and therefore, the required packaged boiler size.

The results of the evaluation were summarized in a letter report transmitted to the client.

Industry Type

  • Terminal Operations

Utilized Skills

  • Heat transfer modeling

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