Project Synopsis

Develop a scaled-up process design for a high-value specialty batch chemical product.

Project Summary


The client, a batch specialty chemical producer, has a high-value specialty chemical that they currently produce using bench-scale batch equipment. Due to increased demand, Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was brought in to evaluate the process and determine the requirements for scaling production up 10-fold.

Among the tasks completed by PROCESS were:

  • Performed a technology evaluation to determine available options for:
    • Metered solids addition at a small scale
    • Filtration units capable of operating under extremely corrosive conditions while minimizing loss of liquid product in the filtered liquids
    • Pelletizing/particulate formation for corrosive solids.
  • Identified vendors for producing units (e.g., tanks, heat exchangers, filters, pumps) constructed with only glass or PTFE wetted parts. This was critical due to the corrosive nature of the product.
  • Performed a preliminary mass and energy balance using CHEMCAD process simulation model software. Further calculations were completed to determine agitated jacketed tank heating/cooling rates.
  • Calculated preliminary equipment sizes based on the calculated mass and energy balance.
  • Produced a cycle time analysis of the proposed system to evaluate total potential production rate.
  • Generated an equipment list for the major unit operations needed in the scaled-up process.
  • Obtained budgetary quotes of equipment for the system.
  • Performed an analysis on the proposed new process to examine environmental, capital cost, and technical risks for the project.
  • Performed a HAZID safety review of the new process to evaluate chemical and process hazards for the scaled-up process.

Based on the findings in this project, the client was able to move forward with internal funding and investigation of equipment options for the scaled-up production system.

Industry Type

  • Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Batch process evaluation
  • Batch process design
  • Small-scale process design

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